Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 20

I know is not come yet but I would like to share my joy to everyone who is reading this blog.
Today, officially my 20 weeks of pregnancy. This mean I have gone through half of the process..haha, still have another 20 weeks to go (Hope delivery on time). Tummy is getting bigger and bigger recently even I still manage my food intake. I guess babies is growing fast inside and enjoying the moment for Chinese New Year. Other than my tummy I do notice my weight put on so fast this few days but still under control I guess, as my butt size not increasing...phew~~
This time, I can feel my babies movement (kicking) but not always. Sometimes they kick often during night time before bed or sometimes just a few kick in the afternoon. Is really amazing when I start to notice the kicking from this week onward, even Brian also excited on it and keep put his hand on my tummy and ask the babies kick me, haha.
Is really enjoy when the babies kicking you and you are talking to them. Just hope both of them grow healthy and eat well, sleep well inside my tummy.

Daddy Mummy Love You Both So Much


Joao said...

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jen said...

20 weeks liao, so fast hor!
you feel sanfu or not when you walk around?

jezalmy said...

Jen: sometimes i feel tired when I walk too much. Keep want to sleep

тёєŋ թџпќ said...

hey congrats

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