Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First 4D Scan

Post for 27/01/2009

Did my first 4D scan today.
Before attend, I asked few friends of mine, how is the process? Most of their doctor or clinic they went don't have this kind of facility. They just told me is scary and I was like =__=".... but still I need to go for the checking.

One night before I even dream that we are doing the 4D scan in group and yet Brian and I was late during the section...I think I too nervous about it.

After an hour waiting, finally is my turn to go in the small room. My heart is pumping very fast, not sure what will going to happen next. This time, the room is a bit smaller compare to last time but on top of the ceiling, have a big flat screen TV for Brian and I to see both babies instead to turn my head look at the small monitor. It was so exciting when the first baby show inside the TV screen. Then the doctor slowly slowly measure all the bone, check the eye, lip, ear, fingers, toes lung, heart, kidney, and etc. Why need to check all? This is to make sure my babies are growing in a healthy way.

Out of suddenly the doctor told us to look properly and said this was the pistol. At first point I don't get what she mean and she answered me "Gal, your husband will know what I mean" and I heard Brian is laughing at the corner. At last, I get what they mean, pistol = penis = 1st baby is a boy also (last checked up 2nd baby show us his gender already).

After all the scanning, I know that both also baby boy and they are not identical at all, may have different feature (maybe one look like me another look like Brian). Second baby is super active, keep kicking, swimming inside the placenta. First baby less active compare to the second baby but still keep changing position and this cause the doctor took quit a long time to get his measurement and I need to go back for second attend on 4D scan just for 1st baby as have 2 things not managed to scan out the result.

First baby = 10.8cm
Second baby = 10.7cm


The SecretMaster said...

Twins = Double the Trouble

Hope it all goes well for you :-)

Doreen said...

What are the two things that the doctor didn't manage to scan?

WhitneyB99 said...

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jen said...

pistol hahahaha..i love baby boys :))) how many kilos have you put on now??

jezalmy said...

Jen: I think my weight up to now is 57 to 58kgs, roughly around 5kgs I put on.

Lisa said...

Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very well written!