Tuesday, June 22, 2010

E-Twins: Day 14

Is been 14 days after the twins arrived to this world. Both of them really make my life change a lots, full of excitement and gain new experiences as a parent. Never know that become a mother is much more harder than what I thought especially taking care the twins.

Feeding is a problem when both of them cry at the same time for milk, sometimes it really make me headache but luckily this won't happen so often as I train them have milk in different timing. So far I still haven't try to bath them by myself alone as I think I am not able to handle them as I scare I will accidentally hurt them and so on. For all the while is my MIL help them take bath and I change the diaper for them.

What about daddy?

He really helping me a lots. As a father, he already done his part by helping twins changed diaper, feeding and even sometimes sing song for them when twins is moody and I not well. I never thought he can go so far like this as he himself also a hot temper person. I really appreciate and thanks a lot of his help.

What about my MIL?

She taken 1 month off just to become my confinement lady. She cooked, she clean, she take care the twins day and night so I can really rest and she is very concern on me too. She will asked what dishes I would like to have, how is my conditions, am I still pain and so on. Really happy that I have such in law and thanks for everything.

What about Edmund?

He is kind off quiet type. He won't give me much trouble unless he is hungry or pass motion. we notice that he always will suck his finger first when he is hungry, after few attempts, he will give us some alert sound then if still not feeding him then only he will cry out. He won't cry when taking bath.

What about Edwin?

He is the fierce Tiger. He will just cry out loud for milk, bath, if pass motion or urine and so on. I guess his character like the father, hot temper. need to train him well on how to control the temper when he grow up.

Below are some of the photos update:-

All photos taken by daddy


cik panadol said...

they are soooo cute!

Alice Law said...

The photos are so sweet and lovely.... btw, congratulation and happy confinement!

Wow... you are really blessed with a wonderful MIL and Hubby! Rest well and have bundles of joyful quality time with your double joy and pride!;)