Monday, June 7, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 37 - Quick update

Baby Weight:-

First baby (Edward) = 2.2kgs
Second Baby (Edwin) = 2.3kgs
Mummy Weight = 67kgs

Summary:- Babies put on weight super fast for the last 2 months. This cause mummy belly, backbone super pain and the stretch mark all over the belly. Doctor predict mummy will early birth at least 2 weeks from the EDD (28th June), which mean another week to go. Mummy and Daddy is so excited now, hope to meet you both soon.

Mummy & Daddy Love you always.


jen said...

my dear friend, wishing you a smooth delivery!! good luck with your new life ya :)))

now i don't have internet access in the office liao, cannot visit your blog during working hours :(

Alice Law said...

All the best to you Jezalmy, a safe delivery to you and your 2 boys!

Please have a pleasant week!