Monday, May 31, 2010

Is Getting Closer

Is getting closer and closer already. Mummy not sure whether I am really well prepare for you both (Edwin & Edward). It seems that anytime you both will come out meet daddy and mummy.

This week will be 36 weeks you both inside mummy tummy already. Never thought that mummy can hold until that far as so many person predict mummy will early birth on the week 28 (7months) especially for that family ( Mummy think they are shock as they never give positive thinking to mummy during the whole pregnancy process ). Who care? As long as you both safely come to this wonderful world, daddy and mummy will try our best to give the best for you both.

Hope I have safe delivery.


jen said...

edwin & edward, nice names! :)))
chinese names leh?

jezalmy said...

Chinese name later let you know...muahahaha

Anonymous said...

don't worry too much, you'll definitely have a safe delivery. denise