Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 33 Check Up at Government Hospital

Just back from check up at the government hospital. Went there since morning around 8:45am and wait until 11:30am only than was my turn to meet up the doctor (this is the part I hate most).

This time meet up with Doctor Philip. Both babies are fine and stay healthy inside the placenta and mummy sugar level back to normal. First baby still in sitting position while the second baby already change his position. Yes, this time his head had turn down but still can't go for natural birth as first baby position not encourage. Actually mummy intend go for c-sec and want to fix the date for operation but doctor not allow to do so.He said have to wait until the moment come. Wonder how long should I wait as my tummy skin is super duper pain even just a touch and the stretch mark getting serious (doctor said babies growing inside) even I try to apply the oil as much as I can to reduce it....Become a mother is really not an easy task, so guys, please appericiate, care and love your mother and wife more.

Simple update:
1. Both babies weight = 1.7kgs
2. Mummy weight = 63kgs

Daddy & mummy love you both so much.


cheeyee said...

Hi come over from Alice Law's blog. Wow you are going to have twins! Congratz! I personally think parenting is tougher job than pregnancy. :D

Take care and rest well.

Steve Ballmer said...


jen said...

eii jez, you gonna deliver at gov hosp?

jezalmy said...

Jen: yes, the goverment hospital is the nearest hospital to my house and the charges is cheaper than private for twins. No choice save money for the twins is our first priority now.

jahanzaib said...

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