Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 32

Is getting closer and closer nowaday. Another 8 more weeks or maybe early, I will deliver my first twins. For the whole process, is getting harder compare with the first half. My belly is harder (like rock) now and this make my belly full of stretch mark even I had try my best to apply the oil as much as I can. Getting difficulty during night time especially when come to bed time, I can't twist and turn and sometimes is hard for me to get a smooth breathing. My backbone is super pain when each time I stand too long or sit too long, do feel it will break into half soon and so on.....Even now, is hard for me to stand up and walk, I will feel the pain from back to front, a type of sharp pain on the belly (not a joke). I feel that mummy no more space for babies (as what doctor told me)and they strech until the maximum already.

Sometimes, I do feel want to decide to c-sec early so I can avoid all the above problem even Brian and my MIL also felt that I should go for early c-sec maybe end of May or early June (They don't want me suffer with all this). But when I think back and think for for babies health, once again "rejection" come across my mind. No matter how, I will try to carry my babies minimum up to 9 months and will get the doctor advice which is the best solution for me.

Hope I really can get hold until 9 months now.

Daddy & Mummy always love you both.


jen said...

mother's love is the greatest, gambateh! you can do it! :)))

Alice Law said...

Rest well... soon your efforts will be paid off! Have a wonderful weekend to you!^-^

Alyssa. said...

I just had my 1st baby, and i thought i was in pain. not anymore. congrats on your twins they will be beautiful

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