Wednesday, August 4, 2010

E-Twins - Days 57

Few more days to go and my twins will turn to 2 months old. Never thought that my confinement holidays is ending soon and I will back to work on next Tuesday. I guess mummy will miss the twins.

Last few weeks mummy and daddy had bring the twins for photo shooting and yesterday we managed to get the softcopy from them. At last mummy can upload here and share with you all.

Below are part of the pictures I like most.

Mummy gonna miss the times with you both during my confinement even so much troubles and joys you guys bring to me.

Daddy and Mummy love you both always.


Alice Law said...

Lovely photos!!! Wow, it shold have cost you a fortune to send a twin to nursery.

have a nice day!:)

jen said...

jinheh det yih! herhee is edmund or edwin? i like him..very cuteee!!

jezalmy said...

Her Hee is Edmund (the gor gor). From the picture is right side one with ots of expression