Monday, November 22, 2010

Clumsy Me

EDWIN felt down from bed......=.="

how could this happen on my little edwin.
all happened on last saturday, when brian n I bring the 2 E back to Gombak. Once reached home, i put edwin on the bed and requested biran keep an eye on him while he was carried edmund that time. Actually brian do requested me put edwin next to him but just don't know why I didn't do so and asked him get up and sit with edwin. When I went down to the living hall halfway, I heard a loud screen from brian ("calling my name") and followed by a loud cried from edwin. My first reaction was dump always all the things that on my hand and rush back to the room. What I saw was brian carrying edwin and try to comfort him and ofcourse my little princess cried badly. I tried my best to comfort edwin by rubbing his head, his back, legs and whole body as I am not sure where he had a big knock. However, edwin just couldn't stop crying and his whole face turn pure white and this really scare us. After 10 mins he was stop crying and felt sleep. We keep monitor him as we might not know or sure anything will happen on him after the big impact. Luckily after the nap, he become active back, but still I bring him pay a visit to doctor and double confirmed that he was ok.

When I think back, if I listen to brian, carry edwin and put next to him, this will not happen to my little prince. What a clumsy me...hope my little prince will forgive me.

Day Felt Down = Day 165


Doreen said...

Don't worry, you're not the only one. It seems like baby falling off the bed is very common as we tend to put them on our bed. Hope all is well.

Sukeeyaki said...

Do you know that you can't let the baby sleep after a fall? It's some information given by the hospital last time during Xinye's fall. They afraid that the knock on the head might cause him unconcious and we adults thinking that he is sleeping. I am glad to hear that he is ok.

Alice Law said...

Don't worry, chinese saying, " A kid won't grow if he didnt fall"! ^-^ Just be more wary next time, cheer up!

jen said...

next time siao sim tit >.<"