Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great Job Edwin

Finally Edwin successfully flip his body to the right on his own without mummy help. All happen suddenly without any sign to mummy and daddy.

This was happened yesterday night. While mummy was carried Edmund and play with him, daddy suddenly touched mummy shoulder and asked me keep a look on our little prince. When I turn and look at Edwin, he is actually turning halfway on the mattress. All of us pause and waiting for his first success flip. Just within few minutes, Edwin whole body already flip and my sis asked him move out his right hand so he can balance and move his head up. We been waiting there and finally Edwin able to move out his right hand in correct position and start make noise "ye ar ar ye ye ar ar". Not really sure what he is trying to tell mummy but I can see that he is quit happy on the move. But this only hold for 5 minutes, Edwin fall back on the mattress and remain in his relax sleeping post.

A bit regret that not record down the whole process but mummy able to snap few photos. At least better than nothing right.

Now what I look forward is when is my another prince, Edmund turn. He seem still not manage to flip his body by himself, still need mummy help him flip over. But sure one day Edmund will like his little brother Edwin, flip by him own self....mummy is waiting baby.

Edwin Flipping = Day 146

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Alice Law said...

Congratulation to Edwin, great archievement!

Wow... you even counted his days, such a loving mommy!