Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beloved 4" Baby

During my young age, high heel shoes was my favorite and was part of my collections. I can wear it and run down from the staircase just to chase the train, walk more than 3 hours in the shopping complex, stand more than 2 hours in the train and so on. I just love it, it make me feel so outstanding with a pair of nice shoe putting on my feet.

After pregnant, I had to said high heel shoes was in my "Must Not Do" list in order to make sure myself and my little 2 angles in the safe stage. After birth, my beloved still not back to my "Favorite" as all the time I will be in a messy look with my 2 angles. Never wear it at all while bring my boys out to park, complex and so on.

Now, they turned 2. Is time for me reunited with my beloved.

Please welcome my new lovely 4" baby

Note: I'm very sure daddy will not walk beside me anymore...:P

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