Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2nd Year Anniversary

Tomorrow will be our 2nd year anniversary.
Time fly really fast, didn't aware that I been married to Brian for 2 years already. Sometimes feel that I still like a teenager enjoying my lovely life together with Brian.

We won't celebrate alone as tomorrow is a special day for the whole family.
Jenson, his brother going to ROM at Tien Hou Temple together with 200 over couples.
Is a huge amount as many couples want to register on this special day of 09-09-2009 (short form 9909) because "9" symbolise of a long lasting relationship.


Doreen said...

Happy anniversary! I got a friend getting married tomorrow too.

KangWoon said...

Next year onward,all celebration will be divide by 2.
But the end,i think i m will be the one who paid.
Gosh,have to add more people in our celebration.

jezalmy said...

Doreen: many couples choose this date to married la

Brian: if like this case, we no need celebrate lo...save up the money for holiday trip...kakakaka

Josephine said...

ROM photos pls...

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Wooww Happy Anniversary for you and Brian! Sometimes because of too happy and enjoying so you wont even notice the time flies~ =D