Thursday, September 24, 2009

Improvement from Brian

Just received a call from Brian.
He told me that his doctor, Dr.Nandaraja called up and informed that his thyroid result show good improvement and he can reduce his medicine from 6 pills per day to 3 pills per day (just few days ago approved by doctor) and now is 2 pills per day.

I was so happy at the first place as I know he is getting better and better. Guess what? Last Friday he went for the check up after the one month medication, he has put on weight from 44kgs to 50kgs. Is 6 kgs within a month, no joke. And I can see that his face getting rounded and tummy popping up. At least look much more handsome compare last time.

Now, I just wish that he will recover soon at least weight up to 55kgs (so i can look slimmer that him) and his thyroid will be under control without any medicine needed.


Doreen said...

That's good news! I couldn't believe Brian was only 44kg!!!

jezalmy said...

Doreen: So do I, a man with 44kgs, imagine how skinny was he that time. Really worried us so much

KangWoon said...

no need to worried,i believe in next month,my weight will shoot up to 60kg if my meal still remain the same.

twins mama said...

44kg for a man.. wind also can blow him up d.. hehe..

btw, glad to know he's getting well.. take care

Kikey Loo said...

wish him get well soon..

p/s: thanks for visiting my blog

jen said...

glad to hear that :) omg, brian is so skinny. you need to stuff him with more food liao =P