Monday, September 7, 2009

Spend Again

Gosh, I spend again.
What I spend this time?
I bought 2 pairs of shoes(last month just bought 2 pairs), sooner or later there will be no place for me to keep all my lovely shoes.
I bought 2 pants, long and short. Damn a bit regret again on the short pant as I don't think is worth on that price. Why I still want it at the first place? Because Brian said I was look nice and pretty with that short pant even my mother in law also agreed on it. So I just grap it.
Why? Can't I control myself?
Baby, the boutique having 20% sales and if you are the member, top up another 10%. Which mean 30% for each item.
I don't see any women can control the itchy feeling.
All I know, I just grap whatever I like then try every pair of shoes.
Honestly, I do feel want to buy few more pairs from there but seems too much for me and Brian was waited me there. So I just stop with that amount.
But but brain keep thinking of those shoes.
Anyway, this coming Wednesday I will be there again as my mother in law want to hunt for evening dress.
Which mean, I can also hunt again...muahahaha.
I feel the devil horn is growing now.


Josephine said...

got the itchy bugs from Jen... hahha

Doreen said...

It is ok to splurge sweetie. You don't come across things you like that often so why restrict yourself aye?

jezalmy said...

Josep: I think the bugs killing me soon..hahha

Doreen: I agree with you. That is why Brian never complain when I try so many shoes yesterday, he just sit there quietly

jen said...

all bills masuk your husband punya account. pamper yourself once in a while is oka :) don't feel regret nor guilty liao.

jezalmy said...

jen: the problem now is I feel want to own another few pairs of shoes...sure brian gonna kill me

KangWoon said...

hahaha,i dont kill u
u just kill urself for finding place to store it,if not when the day u need it,u will run here n there to look for ur shoe.
More worst thing is finding ur shoe in my dad car.

jezalmy said...