Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She Is Fine Now

My mum is fine now. She can talk and drink some hot water but not food at the moment. Her face was pale last night after came out from the operation room and can't move any single muscle as was painful until shaking. We requested nurse to inject pain killer for her so she can take a good rest. Just now the doctor had came and checked my mum situation. Besides that, he even bring my mum whole uterus, ovary and the fibroid for us to see and explained to us.

I am glad that everything is fine now and at least my mum pain reduce a bit after the injection. Now just hope she can recovery fast.


Doreen said...

That's a relief! Speedy recovery auntie!

Butter De Pei said...

hey sista, send my regards to your mom ya. Speedy recovery!

and you sista, take good care of yourself, you gotta take care of your hubby, your mom and your family, make sure you have enough rest and drinks loads of water ya