Monday, July 20, 2009

Dinner at Daorae

Post for 13th of July 2009

Went for dinner together with my parent at Daorae. Is been quit a long time I didn't take the korean foods, kind of miss the foods. Brian suggested to have our dinner there.

Overview of the restaurant. Like the environment and worker there, super queit, nice and friendly.

The Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant. Forget to say that the boss is original from Korea.

And this is the place where we will cook the pork, ramb and fish here.

The soup

The source

Side Dishes. Sweet Potato with honey always my favorite.

The pear drink. Is so 100% pure on the pear taste. Thumb up.

The garlic and lettuce. There is some reasons behind this. Later show you all.

The herbal pork. Super delicious.

The lamb.

The eel. The taste a bit different compare with the japanese unagi, but still acceptable for me.

And this how we gonna eat the well cooked pork, lamd and eel together with the lettuce, and garlic with a kind of special source. I gonna rate is 10/10.

The beef glass noodle with spicy soup. Brian ordered this and actuallythey will give you a bowl of rice eat with this.

This is free from the restaruant. Can't remember the name of the dish. Just know look like a pancake for us.


jen said...

i'm dying to try some korean food. never had before :< choi kl jin heh song, makkai tuh yew det sit. yee bao jin heh sucks =.=

jezalmy said...

haha, jen, ngi loi kl liow sihiu he try korean food. hao hao sit err

Doreen said...

I miss Korean food. Not many around here. What I like the most about Korean food is their little plates of yummy cold delicacies that come with main.

jezalmy said...

Doreen, ya me too, i like those 9 side dishes so much.