Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy

Today is my mum 52 years old birthday. May all her wishes come true one day and always in the pink of health and wealth.

Mummy I love you forever...Muarks


jen said...

happy birthday to aunty!

ngia mama hao hew sang ar, nga geh mama tuh sang 63 soi liao..

Josephine said...

your mom is so young!
So young already a grandma...
So hang fook!

jezalmy said...

Jen: ngai ye mummy yi sip si soi shang ngai. Ke tong ngai yit yong heh sok kai ker...hehe

Josep: helor, ngan hew sang jor hoi popo...hahaha

Doreen said...

Wow your mum is really young!

Happy birthday to auntie! (^_^)

jezalmy said...

Doreen: TQ