Friday, July 31, 2009

Random talk on my feeling

Seriously, I need a break. Any vocation will cheer me up.
What’s going wrong now? Keep blame by engineers and boss for nothing and all is nonsense excuses. Really killing me and my emotion been effected badly.

I admitted sometimes was my mistake but come on, I am the only one need to handle all and no assistance provided by this company. I am normal human being with 2 hands, 2 eyes and 1 brain, putting my strength up to limit in order to rush few projects at the same time. Don’t expect I can 100% carry out all the jobs well when I have poor supports and corporation from the supplier and customers. I already try my best to reduce all your guys’ burden. Please appreciate a bit on the hard works I had contributed.

I couldn’t imagine each morning I has this kind of feeling nowadays.
What feeling?
Refuse to work even though I fully aware that is the bad habit for a worker. But just couldn’t control this feeling in my mind. All the works, complains like vampire sucking my blood and soul away so easily.

Anyone can help?

Please ignore all complains, just a way to voice out and reduce my stress over here that I had gone through this few weeks.

Wish can settle it all by next week. Will try my best.
Wish me luck.


jen said...

rant all you want if it makes you feel better :) i have the same feeling too. wake up in the morning and refuse to go to work, haih. what to do, no work no money :(

relax bahh, weekend is here liao :)

jezalmy said...

Jen, weekend is near but I need to work also.

Doreen said...

hope you feeling much better after letting it all out. If the situation is getting any worse, you probably should consider a career change?

Take a deep breath and let it out. Hang in there and all will be okay.

jezalmy said...

Thanks Doreen

Arrowouiz said...

You looked stressful ~ Take a deep breath and relax yourself ... Cheering up ... Remembered " After a storm come a calm " ...Good luck