Monday, July 27, 2009

myAsia 1 cafe

Photos taken quit long ago, until now manage to post it up. Recently really busy with the projects, all come in the same time and really killing me off.

The myAsia 1 Cafe.

The apple plum juice. Is supper sour.

The Longan Sea Coconut drink.

The fries.

And here is the soup I ordered. My first impression on the menu for the soup was "WOW" but when I open it I felt that I was cheated by them already. Disappointed on the taste.

Here is the ginger soup with glutinous rice ball. Frankly, I didn't taste any ginger in the soup.

The chinese Bu Zai Kueh

Rib Eye, ordered by Brian

Tom Yam Seafood. The taste so so only.


jen said...

itu longan seafood coconut looks nice. nice or not?

jezalmy said...

According to Brian, is nice. But for me, the taste like medicine..haha

Arrowouiz said...

oh no !! I like them ~~~ Why didn't buy it for me ? hehe

Doreen said...

I am eyeing on that longan sea coconut drink (O_O)!