Friday, August 21, 2009

Another life taken by N1H1

A pregnant women announce dead due to N1H1 this morning through radio and she is on her 8 months pregnancy. It was quit sad to hear this early in the morning. The N1H1 is getting serious and this virus spread very fast over Malaysia. Now, couldn't find any safe place to avoid the virus. What we all can do is be responsible, see doctor is you start not feeling well. If just normal flu or cough wear the mask. Try not bring the kids to those clouded place. Teach them the correct way to wash their hand and adults also need to put an example for kids.
Just hope this virus can be control soon.


jen said...

u got wear facemask?
kl got many ppl wearing or not?
i wanted to wear when i go to the mall but not many ppl wearing in ipoh >.<

jezalmy said...

not many people wearing mask now. My boss supplied 1 box of mask and required us to wear in the office or at customer site. I scare one lo, so I wear. My boss today back from vietnam, i lagi will wear when meeting with him.

jen said...

your boss really 5 kong sih wor. an yung geh sih seh han sangit travel overseas *sweat* i also wear in opit, ngai tuh heh kiasi gehh, hehe. ngai mang sang bebe, ngai 5 siong sih jang =P

Doreen said...

OMG, this is devastating.....I wish those virus burn in hell!

jezalmy said...

Doreen, I wish the virus will dissapear now and won't come again