Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweat Like Pig

Office air-cond spoil for 2 days. The air-cond man suppose come yesterday but missing in action. Now a mini fan put just opposite my table and is facing me directly but still I can sweat like hell in the afternoon. The weather is super hot, I just feel that my situation now was like a turkey toasted in the big oven. I can't even concentrate on my works with this kind of working environment.
Just hope the air-cond can be fix by today so I won't suffer again.


jen said...

me and your situation terbalik, i'm freezing ~>.<~

maybe you can call that air con man every 30 minutes and chase him to fix your air con fast =P

Doreen said...

make yourself a glass of cold drink :) Hope the air-cond will be back soon.