Monday, August 24, 2009

Space Bun + Milk

Here is my today breakfast.
The space bun and low fat milk from dutch lady.
A bit tasteless on the space bun (that's how people call) so i put some butter and sugar in between. Suppose need to bake the bun but I just lazy to wait.

I am full now.


jen said...

you're a small eater lehh. i ate 2 pcs of gardenia bread sapu kaya but now i am hungry liao >.< duno why my appetite is very good whenever period is about to come *sweat*

jezalmy said...

hahaha, my period also around this time already. Jen even i am small eater but my weight still wont decrease le....more than 50kgs lerr...T__T

Doreen said...

your space bun is roti kosong? And that's enough for you? You're really a small eater!

jezalmy said...

Doreen, yes is roti kosong.