Saturday, August 8, 2009

What Movie I Craving Now

1. GI Joe
2. District 9
3. Transformer: Revenge of The Fallen (ya, outdated right)
4. Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinasaurs

So what movie you craving now?


jen said...

ice age hao hao korn! kiak kiak hih korn! i wanted to watch transformers so so so badly but it's no longer showing T___T

the other day i watched land of the lost, so so nia. i wanted to watch the proposal too but don't dare to go to cinema at the moment cause h1n1 cases are increasing in ipoh, ngai 5 siong sih chang..ngai mang kiet foon and sang bebe, lol!

xiao rou said...

GI Joe is nice! But transformer most of my friends says its a waste of money and time..

Doreen said...

You're not alone. I haven't watch Transformer too :( Am also craving for Ice Age and Harry Porter.

jezalmy said...

Jen & Doreen: Yeh, give me 5. pik pak. we all havent watch the transformer yet.

Xiao rou: I read the newspaper review on this transformer, many people said is just another action movie. For Gi Joe, I happen saw the movie preview at Cinema and really catch my heart away lo