Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Restaurant Uncle Jerry

Post for 3rd of August 2009

Went for dinner at Restaurant Uncle Jerry together with my parent. Actually the main purpose for us is the "Mutton Kuh Teh". All of us never try before but still not managed to try due to no mutton that day. Brian was disappointed and he won't come back to this shop anymore as this was his second times try his luck for the mutton Kuh Teh. Anyway we do ordered others dishes in order to shut up the noise from the master tummy.

The black Pepper Chitterlings Soup
To much pepper in the soup.

The Herbal Chicken.

Braise Pork.
Too salty


Josephine said...

mana tempat?

jezalmy said...

Kepong Baru, pasar malam there

Doreen said...

Sounds like their mutton ku teh is very popular. Must be very nice.

Arrowouiz said...

I love the last one ~ Hmm ... Yummy yummy

jezalmy said...

I just love the egg only, haha