Friday, August 21, 2009

A Scary Call

Received a call from my boss on 3:25pm.
A shocking news for me.
Is he effected by N1H1?
My heart jump so fast until I couldn't breathe normally.
In the phone, he told me that his plane been delay for more than 1 hour. During the time at HCM airport, the customer service announced that one of the guess inside the airplane (KL to HCM) was been suspected N1H1 carrier. And my boss is actually waiting for this same plane and fly back to Malaysia.
He is now arrived at airport. I wonder is it the same plane he take or Airasia change another plane for them to come back?
He even told me one of our customer son suspected N1H1 carrier and just admitted at hospital this afternoon. One of his friend uncle just back from HCM also confirmed N1H1 carrier and quarantine for 1 week.
The virus really spreading fast.
I don't want effected by this deadly virus as I only 28 this year, not yet have chance become a mother. I still want to see my own kids grow up in the future, waiting and siting on my old lazy chair, open my hand widely to welcome my grandchildren together with Brian.
I wish this virus can be stop spreading from now on.


Josephine said...

Have to wear mask in the office.
Ask your boss to quarantined himself at home! Or else give u all paid-leave!!!
Then we can meet. hahahaa

jezalmy said...

hahaha, you think only, now i wearing mask to work. He sure will come into office one

Doreen said...

don't worry, just keep a healthy diet and lifestyle. Try to avoid crowded area and you should be find lah.

Doreen said...

You look cool with the mask on.

jen said...

as long as you do the precautions then don't worry so much bahh. but then, i always feel i have fever even tho' i don't *sweat*

jezalmy said...

Doreen: Haha, I look cool with the mask on ka?

Jen: This 2 days I keep feel that i got sorethroat...but not like arr?