Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Change of Name

He want to change his English name from Brian to Vincent.
Out of suddenly, Brian asked us call him, Vincent. Why?
This happened when he had meet up fews friend of him last week. Those friend suggested Brian changed his name.

Vincent = Vin sound like Win
Meaning = always win in what situations happen on him.

Speechless =_="


Jen ® said...

err..vincent in cantonese horr..also known as..err.."wun san".

jezalmy said...

haha, never thought about that tim, must ask him changed back

Pei De Butter said...


Doreen said...

Don't be superstitious lah...unless "Brian" is bringing him bad luck? Which I don't think so since he managed to get himself such a nice wife.

jezalmy said...

Doreen: i luv is good and lovely wife....blurp (vomit)