Thursday, May 28, 2009

端午節 - Dragon Boat Festival

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

The festival is to commemorates the death of Qu Yuan.

Who is Qu Yuan?
Qu Yuan is an honest and loyal China Minister during the State of Chu. However,Qu Yuan suicide by drowning himself into the river due to the prince vilified him.

How dumpling related to this festival?
The citizen throw the dumpling into the river is to feed his ghost. ("last time someone told me the purpose of throwing the dumpling is for those fish eat so the fish won't go eat Qu Yuan which one is true? =__=")

OK this all what I know on how 端午節 come.


jen said...

gee thanks for sharing as i really know nothing about this festival. i am so not chinese :(

jezalmy said...

Jen, I just know little bit only la...hehe me then consider half chinese lo