Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yeah, dumpling time again.
Yes, this coming Wednesday is "Tuan Wu Jie" which mean there will be lots of dumpling supply from all the relatives.

Here is the yummy yummy dumpling I ate yesterday and Brian take 2 dumplings.
Rate: 10/10
Price: unknow (take from table)


jen ® said...

bakchang *drool* but no ppl send bakchang to my house, so i have no bakchang to eat

jezalmy said...

Jen go buy and eat. I still remember when I was kid time, my yi ma ku jie will send lots of dumpling to my house (because my grandpa)..and everyday my breakfast, lunch, dinner will be bakchang

Jen said...

wahh 3 meals also makan bakchang, but don't eat so much pulut a day, hard to digest one wor. hmm, where can buy bakchang?

jezalmy said...

pasar ada bakchang one, my area 1 bakchang RM2.50 minimum...siao

azhar nadhir said...


Another Big day! but i m in Singapore!
No dumplings for me! T___T

Cannot liow, must ask Chloe accompany me go find for dumplings!

jen said...

rm2.50 i rather go eat 'chew thew fu' hahahha!

Doreen said...

Wah, so fast 端午節 already? If I didn't read your blog, I wouldn't have any idea when it is. I miss bak-chang

Butter De Pei said...

hahah i'm getting those today! My mom sent up from JB yesterday.. I can't wait I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jezalmy said...

Doreen: Let me remind you here..hehe

Butter De Pei: Wah, your mum so good, send the dumpling all the way from JB. Must be very special dumpling.