Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laughing Buddha Statue

As I mentioned early, my brother like to collect Gundums. Now let me show you all what my father like to collect.

Yes, he like to collect the Laughing Duddha Statue. Above just part of his collection, there is still lots more statue in the boxes as no more place for him to display at the living hall.


Josephine said...

hey, i heard ppl say hor, place the one with a lot of kids in ur room, very fast get pregnant one...

Jen ® said...

your collection lehh?
issit masks? hehe..

jezalmy said...

Josep: my father also asked me put one in the room and Chor Yat Sap Ngm touch the statue.

Jen: I also not sure whether mask is my collection...haha

Josephine said...

then what are u waiting for?
Fast fast put one lah.

Oh ya, this saturday remember to ask the god to give u whateve u want! Pray for it. OK?
Good Luck!!!!

jezalmy said...

Josep: TQ, now each time I go back my parent house, I will go touch the statue first...haha, Must aask darling buy one put in the room, Actually my room got one but not the tor zai fat la