Thursday, May 21, 2009


Received an email from my sis, the moment I open the mail, I was like "woah". I should have one for myself. The doggies are so cute and really steal my heart away.
Brian can I have one?

Can you imagine if the bag is LV or Coach...OMG. I think I really going crazy for the bag.

In fact, I know this just my dream, I won't be allow to have any pets in the house as Brian parent dislike. Or I can say, they do not wish to be hurt again? Because Brian house use to have a dog like above and been live with them for more than 10yrs. Is gonna be sad when one day morning, you find out the dog pass away, right.


jen ® said...

babies lagi cute. forget about pets and concentrate in making babies hehehe =P

Doreen said... cute!

Yeah, it is real heart breaking when your beloved pet die, but it is part of life. As long as they were treated well and had a good life, then there shouldn't be any regrets.

jezalmy said...

Jen: both i also want can?

Doreen: I agreed on what you said

Josephine said...

rare online pet or electronic pet loh... hehehhe

reanaclaire said...

is that puppy real or what??? never seen such cuteness in a doggie before...

jezalmy said...

reanaclaire: I think is real