Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restaurant WKS

Yesterday night went for this WKS for dinner (skip one day work at Jen Corner) together with Brian. Brian told me that the porridge here are tasty and I defenitely will like it. Frankly I don't like to have porridge even I was sick. End up both of us ordered the noodle.

Here is what Brian ordered. The Estuary Grouper Belly Noodle. Brian told me this type of fish is very expensive.
Cost: RM23.80
Rate: 9/10

White Promfret Noodle.
Cost: RM12.80
Rate: 10/10
What I can say is the fish really fresh and the noodle very smooth. Can you see, they give a whole prompfet to me and the fish bone taken out by them too.

The Steam Lettuce with Soya Source, topping with fried garlic.
Cost: forget
Rate: 7/10
The souce too salty.

WKS Fish Cake
Cost: RM5/slice
Rate: 10/10
Must try, really delicious.


jen ® said...

wahh..ngai hao siong sit ai jak estuary grouper belly noodle, tapi hao pricey lehh

Butter De Pei said...

Those food are good~
But yeah its kinda pricey tho~